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It's been over a year since I've started my Crossfit journey. In that time, I've learned so much from the Deluge team. Both Jake and Chris are wonderful coaches who have a solid understanding of when and how to progress newcomers. At first, much like everything in life, anything new can be intimidating. Crossfit was no different for me and their introductory classes allowed those fears to subside. I have felt significant strength gains and increased confidence to experience new challenges with teammates. If you are unsure of how or where to start, Graham's Crossfit Deluge team can get you in a family oriented environment and feeling comfortable to establish goals and hit new benchmarks. No matter where you go.....burpees will always SUCK!    Corena M.

My daughters Lyndee and Erica have talked about Crossfit Deluge for several years and of course Erica more since she is still in the area and is now coaching. I always figured it was something "young people" do. One night at dinner while asking Erica how her week was, I asked more about Crossfit and joked how I should try it. She was very encouraging and actually texted Chris about my idea of trying it out on the following week. I decided to go as it would be a way to see Erica more often. I went the first time on July 13th, which was my dad's birthday. He passed away 4 years ago at the age of 91. I dedicated my first workout to him and I hoped I would get to live as long as he did. I loved Crossfit right from the start. I enjoy the new WOD's each day and learning all the various movements. I have to say, Chris has been more than patient with me as I am not the most coordinated person and have been away from lifting weights of any kind for almost 25 years/ In any case, my first day trial has turned into a new obsession! I look forward to and love each workout and enjoy the exhausted feeling when I leave each day. It has already helped me lose 20 pounds and I am hoping it will make it easier to pass my DOT physical through the remainder of my career as a truck driver. Thank you Crossfit Deluge for helping me and being the biggest part of my new crusade for taking care of myself... Dave F.

I started my CrossFit journey on Jul 27, 2018. At 52 years old I had never picked up a barbell, and my exercise regimen consisted of running, that was it. But after many years, my hips hurt, running took a long time…..and…..I was getting bored! I had heard of CrossFit, but I found people that talked about their 4-minute WOD SO ANNOYING, I knew didn’t want “gym" friends, and I did NOT want anyone telling what to do! However, my marathon buddy started doing CrossFit, and I could not ignore her results….she looked amazing! So, I sucked it up and called Coach Chris at CrossFit Deluge; I was ready to give it a try. I was so scared. Let’s be real, I was scared of failing….what if I couldn’t do it, or worse, what if I sucked?? I was so intimidated…..all these people were so FIT! I got over myself and went into with an open mind. My experience has been amazing, the coaches knew where I was physically and were always able to tailor a workout to fit my fitness level. I am still going 2 years later….I now brag about my WODs (occasionally), I have met amazing people, and I LOVE not having to figure out what my workout is going to be! If I just show up, the rest will take care of itself. I am so thankful I just did it. It was scary…..but I did it! The coaching staff is supportive and knowledgeable; they take the time to help you get the most out of yourself and your workout. This gym is so supportive, I love the atmosphere. Anyone can feel welcome and comfortable wherever they are on their fitness journey. Whitney W.

Heading 2

I joined CFD for all the same reasons we all join a gym or start a new workout routine: to get back in shape. The 10 months I've been here have been kind of a roller coaster for me physically, dealing with back and shoulder and knee injuries (and not a few pride injuries thrown in) but my coaches have been right there to pick me up, whatever the ailment.

10 months in, I feel stronger, faster, and more physically fit than I ever have and I can see there is so much more to improve. What I didn't know I would find at CFD is a sense of family. The joking, yelling, and the general suck we experience together helps get through even the toughest workouts. I appreciate everyone at CFD and look forward to the future! ... Mark M.

I was wanting to get back to myself and being healthy and strong for my career, I want to feel good about myself and confident in my own body and my strength and health. I want to be able to continue to be active enable to be able to do outdoor activities " Misty H.

I'm 47 and have worked out at many types of gyms. The word "Crossfit" can be intimidating but don't be fooled. The coaches here are AMAZING! If new to Crossfit, take their fundamentals class. They will walk you thru every movement. During the workouts, not only are they encouraging and push you to a limit they see you can do (you will learn to believe in your own strength...trust me it's within you), they champion you along the way.
CFD= Family. My daughter (22) and I (47) joined 3 months ago. Love our new friends and family. No Regrets! . Angie W.