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 "its" for Everyone

I have worked out at many types of gyms. The word "Crossfit" can be intimidating but don't be fooled. The coaches here are AMAZING! If new to Crossfit, take their fundamentals class....AngieW



At Crossfit Deluge you can count on us to provide a variety of classes from high-intensity to strength & conditioning to running and gymnastics all in one space. Our workouts challenge you to work harder and exceed your own expectations. Our supportive coaches focus on teaching you correct movement patterns to keep you safe. Not only will you be working towards your goals each and every day, but you will be surrounded by a fun and encouraging community that goes beyond just fitness.


                                   That is what the Deluge family is all about.

                                                       Crossfit Class times:
                                              5:00am M-F

                                                  9:00am M-F

                                                  3:00pm M-F
                                                  4:00pm M-F
                                                  5:00pm M-F
                                                  6:00pm M-F
                                          9:00am Saturday
                                               Kids Crossfit

                                      Mon/Wed/Fri 5-6 PM







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